Filling Your Prescriptions: Script Care Prescriptions

Students are provided with coverage for prescriptions through their UnitedHealthCare insurance plan. Prescriptions must be filled at a UnitedHealthCare network pharmacy (check the UHCSR phone app for pharmacies available to you). Note that you will need to show your UnitedHealthCare ID card to the pharmacy. With the ID card on your phone, you can either show it to the pharmacy, or you can email or fax the card to the pharmacy directly from your phone. There is a tier system for co-pays for the medication.

  • $15 co-pay for Tier 1
  • $30 co-pay for Tier 2
  • $55 co-pay for Tier 3
  • Mail order for a 90 day supply at only 2.5x the retail co-pay (instead of 3x the co-pay)is available as well

Note, most generic contraception medications are available without a co-pay.

What to do if you are Already Taking Medications and Need to Get Your Prescriptions Refilled

Contact your doctor who wrote the prescription and request a refill. If you are unable to obtain a refill, then you must make an appointment to see your assigned health care provider at the Student Health Center. Bring your medications and any medical records you possess on the day of your appointment.