Emergency and Urgent Care for Students

Students seeking emergency or urgent care should follow the below instructions. For more information about Emergency Medicine and Emergency Care at Howard University Hospital, please visit the Department of Emergency Medicine. Students can request transportation to the Student Health Center or Howard University Hospital.

Urgent Care

If you are acutely ill but think that you can wait 24 hours to be seen, call ahead for an appointment the following day. Talk with the advice nurse (1-877-643-5130 PIN: 211) who is available 24 hours a day, if you are not sure.

Life Threatening Emergencies

Call 911 for ambulance services if there is a life-threatening or limb-threatening medical emergency medical emergency. Tell the operator the nature of the emergency, your name, address, and room number or apartment number. If you are in one of the residence halls, notify the office or resident assistant (RA) of the emergency also. 

You should be the last one to hang up the phone. 

Remember, Emergency Ambulance service is for emergency transportation only and not for routine transportation. Unauthorized use of the ambulance will result in you, the student, paying for the service.

Your visit will be subject to applicable co-pays that you will be billed for. You will not be denied emergency services due to an inability to pay at the time.