Student Health Care During School Breaks and Closures

While the Student Health Center is closed when the campus is closed for spring break, winter break, holidays and weather-related closures, you still have access to health care services. Please note that all students are automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan. You will need to show proof of insurance if/when you seek care. For information on obtaining your health insurance card, see the below section on "To Obtain Your Insurance Card".

Summer Coverage

Please note that if you enrolled in classes for the spring semester, your student health insurance coverage continues through July 31. This is also true for May graduates who enrolled in the spring semester. On Aug. 1, you will need to have enrolled for the fall to continue insurance coverage. Your student health insurance plan can be used nationwide with participating providers. There is some global coverage, as well, if you travel outside the country.

Please see the student health insurance plan at for more details. It is highly advised that students print out and save their insurance cards to their phones to facilitate coverage in advance. Students do not need referrals for primary or specialty care if they are more than 35 miles away from Howard. 

Care Coverage Summary

Your student health insurance plan (United Healthcare Student Resources) does cover you outside of the Student Health Center hours or when you are outside of the DC metropolitan area. For full details, please see the plan brochure at Summary highlights include:

  • No referral needed in the following circumstances
    • You are more than 35 miles away from campus
    • The Student Health Center is closed
    • Substance abuse or mental health services
    • Obstetric/gynecological services
    • Emergency medical care
  • Utilizing in-network providers will save money; to determine what providers are in your area, go to and click on “UHC Choice Plus”
  • Co-pays will apply if you see other providers
    • $25 for urgent care centers or other providers
    • $100 for emergency departments for sickness and $250 for emergency departments for injury (co-pays are waived if you are admitted)
  • Co-pays for prescription coverage
    • $15 for covered generic prescriptions, $30 for covered formulary brand prescriptions, $55 for non-formulary brand prescriptions. No charge for most generic birth control.
  • For patient advice, there are toll-free numbers to speak to either a nurse or a physician (“Healthiest You”) that will appear on your insurance card. To obtain your insurance card, see below.
  • If your parents have you covered on your insurance plan, present insurance cards for both plans

To Obtain Your Insurance Card

  1. Go to or download the UHCSR app (available on Google Play or Apple store)
  2. Go to “create account” and use your student ID, including the @02… and also enter other identifying information
  3. Create username and password. Note that the password needs to be 8 characters long, have a capital letter and a special character like %, $, @, etc. If you forget your password, click forgot password.
  4. Log back in with your username and password
  5. Click “ID card”
  6. If doing this on the website, you will need to click View/Print on one page, then View/Print on the next webpage.
  7. You should see your ID card at that time. You can do a screen shot to have it on your phone, or print it out. You may also request a paper card.
  8. Any questions or concerns, call United Healthcare Student Resources customer service at 800-793-0251.