Welcome New Students!

All students entering a school or college of the University for the first time OR returning after an absence of a semester or more are required to submit tuberculosis screening, a completed Report of Medical History, and proof of immunity to vaccine-preventable diseases as required by the District of Columbia Immunization Law, and University Policy.

New entrants, transfer students or former students returning: once you have been accepted to Howard University and have paid your enrollment fee, you are automatically placed on “medical hold” until you satisfy the immunization and tuberculosis screening requirements. Only after satisfying all of the requirements will your medical hold be removed. At this point, you will then be able to register for classes.

In the wake of recent outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases on various college campuses throughout the nation and to provide the best possible protection for persons on the campus and in our surrounding community, all requirements are being strictly enforced. All documentation must be provided to the Student Health Center before any student will be permitted to register for classes.

Note that in order to prevent delays in registration, documents (physical exam, immunization/TB forms) are due June 30 for Fall semester enrollees and December 1 for Spring semester enrollees.


For insurance, we only accept the Howard University Student Health Insurance Plan, and that does not begin until August 1 for most students who are enrolling in the fall.

Health Forms for Students

Access the Universal Medical Form: applicable sections include Medical History, Immunization and TB Screening as well as Physical Examination data. Students are also encouraged to review the Student Health Center's Privacy Notice.