Medical Holds

New entrants, transfer students or former students returning: once you have been accepted to Howard University and have paid your enrollment fee, you are automatically placed on “medical hold” until you satisfy the immunization and tuberculosis screening requirements. Only after satisfying all of the requirements will your medical hold be removed. At this point, you will then be able to register for classes.

Q:  How can I avoid a medical hold?

Medical holds are best avoided by submitting documentation all of your required immunizations and updated TB tests either by fax (202) 806-7416 or email (

Please read the forms and the checklist carefully. Also, keep a copy of any documents you send in. Note that different states and countries may have different requirements for immunizations and TB screening compared to the District of Columbia. Do not solely send in what your provider has given you before, as that may not be sufficient to satisfy the requirements for DC.

If you are returning to Howard after the absence of a semester or more, please note that you will need to have an updated TB screening test.

Q:  I have a medical hold; how can I get it off?

The best way to get the medical hold off is to submit documentation of all of your required vaccines and TB tests. Have your provider compare the immunization and TB screening requirements on the Universal Medical Form with what you have gotten previously, and then administer any vaccines or tests that are still missing.


For insurance, we only accept the Howard University Student Health Insurance Plan, and that does not begin until August 1 for most students who are enrolling in the fall.

Q:  I thought I had my medical hold lifted. Why did it come back?

Most likely, a temporary lift of the medical hold was given. This occurs in cases where you received one dose of a series of vaccines, but you have not returned for the subsequent doses, or a test was done but will take awhile to come back (like a blood test for immunity to Hepatitis B, Varicella, Measles, Mumps and Rubella). If those titers are low, that means you are not protected from those diseases, and you will need booster doses. Until you return for the subsequent or booster doses, you will remain on medical hold.