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Transitioning from pediatric to adult providers is an essential step in the care of teens and young adults with sickle cell anemia. The Howard University, Center for Sickle Cell Disease, Adult Transition Program works to educate children and young adults about their disease and personal medical history and develop skill sets required to navigate the adult health care setting. 

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Ways to Insure Success!

  1. Forward the petition link with a personal message to as many patients, families and supporters as possible.
  2. Ask your local churches to join in the campaign and make Sunday announcements.
  3. Try to get interviews on your local radio stations and ask for support by providing the link.
  4. Join with your local sorority, fraternity and civic groups to increase signature efforts.
  5. Post the link with a message to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)

Howard University's Center for Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) was founded by the late Dr. Roland B. Scott in 1971 to address the needs of patients and families in the Washington Metropolitan area affected by SCD. The Center is committed to a six-fold goal that includes comprehensive medical care, research, testing, education, counseling, and community outreach. Recently, the Center has expanded its clinical research program and developed a collaborative consortium with Children’s National Medical Center (CNMC) and in working together with Howard University Hospital and NIH we are the Washington area’s leading provider of patient services for SCD.

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