Resources and Collaboration

CHARM actively seeks to to enhance and facilitate existing collaboration within and outside of Howard University as well as share existing resources with program partners.

  • Establishment of Biorepository Core for CHaRM. Our initial plan was to build a Core facility using Dr. Ricks-Santi. With her departure from Howard University, we advertized the position internally and interviewed several candidates. We also discussed various software packages that can be utilized to help organize the huge number of samples already collected. We plan to finalize the candidacy for the Core facility director in the near future and have the facility operational in the year 2 as originally planned.
  • Collaboration for sharing samples for a GWAS study for factors affecting responses to hydroxyurea is being initiated with Dr. Vivien Sheehan at Baylor College of medicine, with whom Dr. Perrine is currently collaborating. An IRB application for this collaboration at Howard has been submitted.