Pilot Projects

The AC in conjunction with the SC are implementing the guidelines for the competitive application for 3 pilot projects. It is expected that the guidelines will be ready at the start of year 2 of the grant. The guidelines will be presented to the EAB for their review and approval. It was the original intent to open the pilot projects on year 3; however, due to the great interest generated by the news of the award being established at Howard University, the SC is proposing to initiate the pilot projects during the course of year 2.

Once the guidelines are approved, they will be published in the CHaRM website. Applications for pilot funds will be accepted on a continuing basis and reviewed regularly to facilitate initiation and progress.

Data Management and Analysis Core (DMAC)

The DMAC was established under the leadership of Dr. Seyed M. Nouraie and includes Ms. Angela Rock as data coordinator. A Manual of Operations was developed for this core, as well as required documentation for core functions. Required software and hardware was installed. This is a major undertaking which is now a resource to the entire community.

Dr. Perrine has discussed utilizing the Core immediately for her in vitro studies on HbF enhancing therapeutics of different classes from diverse sickle cell and beta thalassemia patients, seeking positive and negative associations with genetic polymorphisms.