Dr. Shelly McDonald-

About Us

Welcome to the Howard University Hospital Heart Center, our new state-of-the-art, comprehensive diagnostic and treatment facility.  Here, our highly trained clinicians deliver the best in medical care in one convenient location.

We like to think of it as a one-stop shop for heart care.   Our board certified physicians see patients in private treatment rooms, while in the preparation and recovery room, registered nurses, under the guidance of cardiologists, prepare patients for any upcoming medical procedures and provide care afterwards.

In the echocardiogram area, ultrasound techniques are used to create two- and three-dimensional images of the heart to evaluate its valves and chambers. In the electrocardiogram area, doctors check the electrical heart activity to aid in diagnosing unexplained chest pain, which could be caused by a heart attack, abnormal heart rhythm and inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart.

In the cardiac stress area, staff members test the heart’s ability to respond to physical stress. In the cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology rooms, the latest medical technology is used to treat blockages of the heart and abnormal heart rhythms.

The hospital’s team of cardiovascular technicians, registered nurses and cardiologists carefully monitor patients using the best equipment and apply years of medical experience and knowledge to deliver the best in medical care.

The Heart Center is just the latest in Howard University Hospital’s continued efforts to provide our patients and their families with the best care possible. 

We look forward to serving you,

Dr. Shelly McDonald-Pinkett
Interim Chair
Department of Medicine