Research & Clinical Trials


Another unique aspect of the Diabetes Treatment Center at Howard University Hospital is the integration of our research efforts with clinical services. This benefits our patients and we currently have a research project titled W.E.I.G.H.T STUDY – Working to Engage Insulin-Resistant Group Health Using Technology Study.

The overall objective of the proposed study is to prevent diabetes by implementing and rigorously evaluating the preventive benefits in African American adolescents of an innovative program successfully applied in adult patient management that includes state-of-the-art communications and networking technologies. The objectives are:

  • To compare the effectiveness of a lifestyle change intervention delivered either using state-of-the-art communications and networking technologies or using Lifestyle Group Visits
  • To increase a Patient Activation Measure from baseline to follow up
  • To decrease body mass index from baseline to follow up
  • To decrease hemoglobin A1C levels from baseline to follow up

Eligible participants:  African American young adults between 18-24 years of age with a diagnosis of pre diabetes will be recruited.

For more information contact:
Gail Nunlee-Bland, M.D. at (202) 865-4758