Specialty Service Centers


Center for Wellness and Weight Loss Surgery

The Bariatric Surgery program, as a part of the General Surgery Division, offers medical and surgical weight loss solutions to our patients and the most current and accurate information and procedures through the Center for Wellness and Weight Loss Surgery.

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Howard University Cancer Center

Howard University Cancer Center through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation oncology addresses all forms of cancer, particularly those that disproportionately affect African-Americans.

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Howard University Heart Center

The Howard University Hospital Heart Center is our new state-of-the-art comprehensive diagnostic and treatment facility. Our highly trained clinicians deliver the best in heart care in one convenient location.

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Diabetes Treatment Center

The Diabetes Treatment Center is a state-of-the-art facility that services the multiple medical needs of diabetic patients through a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.


The Center for Infectious Disease Management

Our specialty infectious disease clinics offer outpatient infectious disease consultations, outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapeutic drug monitoring, pre-travel medicine advice, recommended vaccines for travel, and state of the art HIV care.  

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Center for Sickle Cell Disease

The Center for Sickle Cell Disease is committed to a six-fold goal that includes comprehensive medical care, research, testing, education, counseling, and community outreach.

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