Medical Staff Services/Medical Staff Office

The Medical Staff Services/Medical Staff Office serves as a liaison between the medical staff and hospital administration.  The Office of Medical Staff Services assists the medical staff in fulfilling their responsibilities as required by local, state, federal, and other regulatory agencies.  It is responsible for maintaining documentation, to include the privileges, of those members of the Medical Staff who meet the qualifications, standards, and requirements, set forth in the Medical Staff Bylaws.  It is also responsible to ensure that the credentialing process is performed in an efficient and confidential manner. 

Personnel in the Medical Staff Office perform the following major functions:

  • Initiate and complete the credentialing process for the medical staff to include appointment, reappointment, and the granting of clinical privileges.
  • Support the medical staff officers, department chairs, and committee chairs.
  • Serve as an information resource to medical and hospital staff concerning medical staff issues to include Joint Commissions standards, medical staff bylaws, rules and regulations and state and federal regulations.
  • Prepare, attend, and perform follow-up for all the medical staff department and committee meetings.
  • Perform an annual review of the medical staff bylaws, rules and regulations, and intradepartmental policies and procedures and recommend changes as appropriate.
  • Support and maintain medical staff database profile information in order to accomplish required functions.
  • Demonstrates excellent customer relations with patients, practitioners, vendors, visitors, and all hospital personnel.

The Medical Staff Office serves as an integral part of the hospital performance improvement program.  This office participates by monitoring important aspects of services provided to include timeliness and accuracy of work performed.

The Medical Staff Office is in the Division of Medical Staff Services and is under the supervision of the Chief Medical Officer. 

Medical Staff Services

The Medical Staff Office

Medical Staff Services/Medical Staff Office reports to the Office of the Chief Medical Officer:

Shelly R. McDonald-Pinkett, MD
Chief Medical Officer


  • Karen N. Freeman, Director Medical Staff Services
  • Hazel Ross, Credentials Coordinator
  • Africa Marsh, Credentials Coordinator

Hours of Operation

8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday

Contact Information

(202) 865-6926
(202) 865-4933 (Fax)