Medical Students

Early-Career Radiology Practice Exposure for Medical Students

We work extensively with first, second and third year medical students interested in careers in Radiology or Radiation Oncology, or anyone interested in the role of medical imaging in their future careers. We also offer preceptorships, special summer research electives (between first and second year) including  the opportunity to spend a summer with Dr Paul Wang, PhD in the Molecular Imaging Laboratory. Please contact Drs Duerinckx and/or Davis and/or Wang to discuss these.

Howard Radiology 4th Year Elective Rotation

We offer an exciting comprehensive approach to all aspects of the role of medical imaging in healthcare: image interpretation, appropriateness criteria for imaging, and quality improvement issues and safety in radiology. This web page  lists our conferences, work schedules, as well as other educational materials/tools (and replaces the hand outs we used to have).

Available for download are most of the documents that you will be using during your rotation as well as the Learning Objectives (download below). Additional documents will be hand delivered to you during first week.You will receive a textbook, on your second or third day; this textbook is also available electronically at Learning

For information not covered in this web page for students, please contact Desta Golden, administrative assistant to Dr. Duerinckx, or Dr Bonnie Davis, MD, Director of Medical Student Electives, Department of Radiology.

Teaching Conferences and One-on-One Teaching

We start promptly at 8:00 AM in Radiology Conference room. Dr. Duerinckx and/or Dr. Davis will meet with you (almost) every day at 4:30 PM to review what you have learned. To perform successfully, we recommend that students do the following:

  1. Spend at least 4 hours per day at a reading station;
  2. Study course material as a group in Radiology Conf room;
  3. prepare your two PowerPoint assignments (self study);
  4. Attend all conferences;

Introduction(s) to Your Elective

Dr. Duerinckx and or Dr. Davis will meet with you in person sometime during the first week of the program to provide the introduction to your elective. Please start with al the listed activities on day 1 of your 4 week elective.

Interactions with Other Trainees

The radiology department also offers shorter and longer specialized rotations  for: podiatry students; fellows in pulmonary medicine, family medicine and internal medicine interns and residents and other groups. We will try - as much as possible- to coordinate these rotations with ongoing 4th year medical student rotations to minimize duplication of lectures and other hands on activities, as well as active learning sessions.

Web-Based Testing of Your Radiology Knowledge

We actively want to test students' knowledge with weekly Radiology quizzes: these interactive web-based group exams and quizzes (which costs $10 per student for all quizzes and can be accessed for 4 years) have been made available at no cost to you by the HUH Radiology department. You are allowed to answer questions as a group, and look up each topic on the internet prior to answering for all examinations prior to the final in week four.

Before you can start with "Radiology ExamWeb (REW)", you need to get a PIN code (8 character PINS, each one is unique) from Drs Duerinckx or Davis, and then create an account and sign up for the on line Radiology exams at Each PIN costs $10 (paid for by the HUH radiology department), and can be used for four years by one student only. Please create an account prior to coming to class, directions are all in the user manual provided on the web site.

ACCESS to your Radiology ExamWeb quizzes and PIN Distribution: will be done during your first week on the 4th year elective rotation. We will also make access available to second and third year medical students who are members of the Radiology Interest Group and/or Radiology Research group, so they can practice ahead of time for USMLE I.

Obtaining a Registration Code

Online registration requires a secret code - this is distributed to participating students during the first week of the program.

Examination Schedule

  • First week (on Monday or Tuesday): 2014 Practice Exam (19 questions; 1 hr);
    You are allowed to take this up to 5 times, until you pass....
  • Second week of rotation: On second Monday: MS4 Radiology Clerkship pre-test (100 questions, 4 hrs)
  • Third week of rotation: On third Monday: MS4 Radiology Clerkship final exam (100 questions, 4 hrs)
  • On fourth/final Monday: AMSER Standardized exam version1 FINAL (110 questions; 4 hrs).
    (This is Your FINAL exam, to be taken as an individual !!!)

On the last day of your rotation Dr. Davis will also administer an in class FINAL exam with 10 questions. Please bring your EVALUATION Sheet with you on that day, and fill our your name, student number, and write down what you were expected to do in class.

Download Documents Needed For Radiology Electives for 4th Year Medical Students

  1. Welcome letter
  2. Senior Radiology Elective Learning Objectives
  3. Student Case Log
  4. List of Radiology Conferences
  5. Detailed Week by Week Rotation

How to Enroll and Confirm A Radiology Elective at Howard University

Make sure to first sign-up with the Dean's Office for official records: contact Benita Griffis or Angela Cummings in person, using the official College of Medicine form, and also via e-mail.

Please, just in case, one week prior to the start of your elective, contact Desta Golden at (202) 865- 1572 or via and come to the radiology Chairman office to verify your enrollment (first floor, Radiology, Hospital, Rm 1-R84). We will also attempt to send you an invitation e-mail one week prior to the start of your elective rotation, and really appreciate it if you acknowledge/verify receipt. All instructions and hand outs are available via this web page.

AWAY Radiology Electives

We also accept students from other medical schools. Please follow same process for applying. Make sure to also check with your Dean Of Student Affairs Office.

Publications from 4th Year Medical Students

  1. Leacock, K., Duerinckx, A., Davis, B. Porcelain Atrium: A Case Report with Literature Review. Case Reports in Radiology. Volume 2011 (2011), Article ID 501396. Hindawi Publishing Corporation, Case Reports in Radiology.
  2. Cooper, M., Waldo, O., Davis, B., Duerinckx, AJ. Absent infrarenal IVC. Radiology Case Reports (Online). Vol 6(3) 2011;6-535 (

Radiology Research Group (RRG)

Regular meetings most every Tuesday at 5 PM in Radiology Conference room (first floor, Hospital, Radiology department). Learn more about RRG here.

Radiology Interest Group (RIG)  

This very active group has a group e-mail for HUCM Radiology Interest Group at:, and can also be contacted via: president of RIG.

Radiology in First year Anatomy Course

Contact Professors Donald Orlic, Ph.D., James H. Baker,, and James S. Wilson in Anatomy.

Course in Cross Sectional Anatomy for Applied Health

RASC 314 for Radiation Oncology Therapists - given since 2012

You can download: RASC 314 Course Syllabus here

With this course we help train future Radiation Therapists for Radiation Oncology, via the Department of Radiation Therapy, College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, Howard university. The radiology faculty helps Dr. Duerinckx teach the course on "Sectional Anatomy" (Course RASC 314) in their curriculum. More information about this training program and course can be obtained from: Mrs Adrienne Harrison, MS, RT(T) at (202) 806-5920, as well as on their website.

Student Awards

All senior students rotating through radiology can compete for one or more of the radiology awards listed below:

  • Dr. John W. Lawlah Award - For outstanding performance in Diagnostic Radiology ($250 and Certificate). This award funded by the Radiology Department ($250 per award; up to 2 awards per year).
  • Dr. Charles H. Kelley Award - For outstanding performance during the seniorelective in Diagnostic Radiology ($200 and Certificate). This award is funded by the Kelley family ($200 per award; up to 2 awards per year).
  • The Duerinckx – Davis Award in Radiology Research and Education at Howard University College of Medicine- Awarded to the best Radiology Case Report submitted and accepted for publication by a Medical student.
  • Radiology Research awards to reward the best research contributiosn by medical students.

More information about these awards can be obtained from Dr. Bonnie Davis, the Medical Student Radiology Rotation Program Director.

(Disclaimer: these awards vary annually based on available funding and gifts)

Help Desk

Helps with downloading images for teaching conferences and presentations.


Useful Radiology Websites

Web-based teaching files and didactic lectures. A few selected web sites are: