Psychiatric Services

Howard University Hospital Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences provides world class, evidence-based psychiatric treatment for all ages and for a wide range of diagnoses, from the severely mentally ill to mood disorders, emotional challenges and substance abuse.

One of the top 50 most funded psychiatric research facilities in the U.S., Howard's active research program complements patient care. Additionally, training programs are available for medical students and residents for adult psychiatry. 

Howard has partnering relationships with the University's student counseling service, the Washington DC Veterans Administration Medical Center, St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Core Service Agencies in DC Department of Mental Health and the Medical College of Virginia.

The adult general psychiatric service has an acute inpatient open unit with 18 beds, a consultation and liaison service that serve the medico-surgery services and the emergency room, and an outpatient mental health clinic.

Core Services

Child/Adolescent, Adult Outpatient Clinic

Liaison and Emergency Psychiatric Services

In-Patient Services

Substance Abuse Services