Educational Goals

The principal goals of the residency program are:

  • To provide resident physicians with comprehensive clinical training, basic science teaching, and investigational research activity, that will enable them to practice ophthalmology competently and without direct supervision upon completion of the program.
  • To create a unique educational environment in order to produce committed health care practitioners, espousing the core competencies of compassionate patient care, outstanding medical knowledge, professionalism, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and who continue to develop and improve in practice based learning and systems based practice as defined by the Accreditation Council for graduate medical education.
  • To create a scholarly environment in which the residents and faculty can jointly contribute to medical knowledge and continually evaluate and improve their practice based on critical appraisal of literature.
  • To exceed the minimal board certification requirements and provide residents the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to pass the board certification exam and to excel within the field of ophthalmology.