Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC)

The VAMC rotation was created to enhance the second year resident clinical and surgical experience.  This rotation affords the residents a unique and varied patient population and surgical experience in multiple sub-specialty areas.  The rotation offers the second year residents their first major intraocular surgical experience.

The residents spend four months at VAMC during their second year of training.  They assist on all surgical cases on the assigned surgical day.  Residents handle emergency call on a rotating basis. The residents attend all didactic activities at the parent institution.

Each resident is assigned a fully equipped examination room (lane).  The clinic is also equipped with Humphrey and Goldman visual field perimeters, fundus photography (including angiography), ultrasonography, laser photocoagulation, and minor surgery.  A medical library is also available to the residents.  The VAMC ophthalmology service provides PGY-3 ophthalmology residents with their first experiences performing intraocular surgery. The faculty is readily accessible to the residents, and is available to meet with the residents to review their strengths and weaknesses.  The residents from the three institutions utilizing VAMC have traditionally had a cordial relationship and continue to do so.