Orlando VA Outpatient Center (Orlando, VA)

The Orlando Veterans Administrative Medical Center rotation was created to enhance the third year resident clinical and surgical experience.  This rotation affords the residents a unique and varied patient population and significant experience in anterior segment surgical procedures.

The rotating resident will spend four months at the Orlando VA during his/her third year of training. HE/she will participate in comprehensive ophthalmology clinics seeing a variety of patients with pathology and generating cases for anterior segment surgery. The resident will also provide in-patient and emergency consultation and will order and interpret all ophthalmic ancillary tested recommended, establish diagnoses, initial medical management, and participate as surgeon or assistant in all anterior segment cases. It is expected that the resident will perform 3-4 cataract cases per week of the rotation.

The rotating resident will be expected to participate in all grand rounds, real-time every Thursday from 4 until 6 pm via computer conferencing and will be expected to view all lecture material provided via the Resident Hub on the AAO site.