About Us

The Department of Emergency Medicine's mission is to develop and foster the specialty of emergency medicine. Our goal is to promote the unique body of knowledge in the specialty of emergency medicine. Our primary objectives are to improve patient care in emergency medicine and to promote top-notch research and education in emergency medicine-related topics.

We believe that our mission is at the heart of the art and science of medicine; it is a mission of public service. From the clerical staff to the faculty, from nurses to technicians, and from administrative staff to residents; we all believe that, regardless of background, time of day, and demeanor, every single patient seeking our help will receive the same quality and compassionate care that

We like to say that we provide the best best care, not just treatment or management, because caring is what we do. This is not just a teaching hospital-it is a "learning hospital." We focus on resident and faculty development and innovative educational techniques to maximize learning.

We also recognize that the emergency department is not our only focus. Emergencies begin outside the hospital and the care we provide will need to begin there. Whether the eventual critical emergency occurs within the confines of our homes or on a rain-slicked, dusky roadside, we need to ensure that we strengthen each link in our communities' chains of survival and recovery.

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