Group Study Rooms

The library has 14 group study rooms available for use.

  • Study rooms 205, 206, and 207 are located on the 2nd Floor at end of current journals stacks.

  • Study rooms 209, 210, 211 and 212 are located on the 2nd, west side of the building, behind the bound journals.
  • Study rooms 305, 306 and 307, 312 are located north of the building at the end of the bound journals stacks on the 3rd Floor.
  • Study rooms 427, 428 and 429 are located on the 4th Floor. These rooms are equipped for Internet access.

Please sign for a room at the Circulation Desk if you wish to use a room.

GROUP STUDY ROOMS are for use by:
Howard Health Sciences faculty, staff and students.

  • Keys to the rooms are checked out at the Access Services Desk on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms may not be reserved in advance. Rooms are checked out for a 3-hour period. When there are empty rooms, and no patrons waiting, renewals are permitted.
  • Users may leave the Group Study Rooms for breaks of 15 - 20 minutes without surrendering the room. Keys should be handed to Access Services Staff at the Desk if users wish to exit the Library.
  • Under no circumstances should keys be removed from the key holders.

Problem Based Learning (PBL) Rooms

  • There are eight Problem-Based Learning Rooms (231, 232, 233, 234, 237, 238, 239 and 240) located on the 2nd Floor.
  • Four or more members are eligible to use the rooms. For availability check at the Access Services desk.
  • These electronic classrooms are used for multiple purposes, i.e. seminars, computer instruction and group study spaces.