PharmLEAN Club

PharmLEAN (Light Exercise And Network) Club is a non-profit organization based in the College of Pharmacy, Howard University, Washington, and D.C., whose goal it is to create a college wide network of students who have an interest in outdoor or indoor physical fitness activities to build and preserve a healthier student body for a healthier college spirit.

Membership: FREE Lifetime Membership, members, by acquiring a membership in the PharmLEAN Club, acquire only a right to be on the member’s list only.

Purpose and Objectives: The purpose and objectives of the Club are to offer its members opportunities for outing in and around Washington, MD, and VA Metropolitan areas for the recreation, pleasure and social enjoyment of the Members, and guests of Members.  

Termination of Membership: The Club reserves the right to recall, redeem and/or terminate any memberships.

Liability for Injuries: All outings and amenities is undertaken at the sole risk of the participants, and the Club Operator, its designated representatives, agents, successors or assigns, and any owner of all or any portion of the Club Facilities shall not be liable for any injuries or damages to any Member or other persons.

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