PBP Program FAQs

1. Can anyone register for the PBP Program?

Only students who have been granted admission to Howard University’s College of Pharmacy Class of 2018 will be allowed to register for this program.

2. Is there a cost for the PBP Program?
No, the program is FREE

3. How do I register?
Students can register using the above link.

4. Will I receive academic credit for the PBP Program?
Students will have the option to receive an Elective course credit which will be applied to the fall semester of their 2nd Year

5. How will this PBP Program be reflected on my University Transcript?
Students who have opted to take the course for credit will receive an Advanced Standing Credit on their University Transcript to be applied in their 2nd year.

6. Can I choose to take the PBP Program for non-credit?

7. Will we have the choice to take the course pass/fail or for a letter grade?
No, the course will only be offered as PASS/FAIL

8. Can students who have been accepted with the COE PBP Program condition take the course online?
No. Students with the COE PBP Program Conditional students must take the course In-Person since additional access to instructors/tutors will be available.

9. How would I know whether I was accepted with the COE PBP Program condition?
If the following statement was included in your Official Acceptance Letter, then your admissions classification status would be a COE PBP Program Conditional student; "You must enroll in and successfully complete the 2014 Center of Excellence (COE) Pharmacy Biomedical Preview Program with a minimum passing percentage of 75% in each subject. You will be reevaluated upon completion of the COE Program. " If your letter does not include this statement, you would be classified as a COE PBP Program Voluntary student.

10. Will my performance in this course (credit or non-credit) affect my admissions status?
For Voluntary students, your admission status will not be affected based on your performance.

For PBP Program Conditional students, you will be reevaluated upon completion of the COE Program as stated in your admission letter.

11. What dictates a PASS in the PBP Program?
Viewing (On-Line Student) or attending (In-Person Student) at least 85% of the course lectures per week, completing ALL Quizzes per week, and receiving a grade of at least a 75% on each Final.

12. As a voluntary student, if I choose to attend this course In-Person, will I have access to the On-Line component?
Yes, all students will have the privileges to view lectures, handouts, etc. online.

13. As a voluntary student, if I choose to attend this course In-Person, can I then switch to the On-Line attendance option after the first week?
No, after the first week to ensure the success of all students In-Person, we are asking voluntary students to choose the option that will be least disruptive to our conditional students. Not only will In-Person attendance allow for live access to instructors/tutors during office hours, but group study is also encouraged. Losing members to a study group due to a student changing their option could pose an academic hardship to some students.

14. Will Online Student participants have access to instructors/tutors?
Yes, ALL students can access faculty through their Howard University e-mail accounts.