The four year integrated academic and clinical program has two divisions. During clinical education, students have an opportunity to receive practical experiences at prestigious affiliating hospitals.

Lower Division

The Lower Division includes the first and second years where students complete general education requirements. Individuals who successfully complete all Lower Division requirements are eligible to apply for admission into the Upper Division.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester   Spring Semester  
Expository Writing 3 Persuasive Wrtg& Research 3
College Algebra I 3 Pre Calculus 4
Biology I 4 Intro to Sociology 3
General Orientation 2 Phys Ed 1
African American Cluster 3 Principles of Reasoning 3
Phys Ed 1
  16 14

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Intro to Psychology 3 Physics for Allied Health 5
Radiation Therapy Orientation 2 Elementary Statistics 3
Anatomy Lecture/Lab 4 Ethics of AH Professionals 2
Medical Terminology 3 General Physiology 3
Computers for AH 3 Principles of Speech 3
* One Required Core Elective 3
14 16

Upper Division

The Upper Division includes didactic courses as well as clinical education components throughout the third and fourth years. The clinical education phase of the program is designed to reinforce didactic information as it is related to clinical procedures.

Junior Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Clincal Radiation Therapy I 2 Clinical Radiation Therapy II 2
Prin and Prac of Radiation Therapy 3 Imaging and Radiation Therapy 2
Environment & Rad. Protection 2 Patient Care and Management 2
Radiation Therapy Physics I 3 Radiation Oncology I 3
Sectional Anatomy 2 Radiation Therapy Physics II 3
Introduction to Oncology 2 Pathophysiology 3
14 15
Summer Session I Summer Session II
Clinical Radiation Therapy III 3 Clinical Radiation Therapy IV 3

Senior Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Clinical Radiation Therapy V 2 Clinical Radiation Therapy VI 4
Treatment Planning I 2 Problem Seminar 2
Radiation Oncology II 3 Treatment Planning II 2
Problem Solving 1 Radiation Biology 2
Health Systems Management I 3 Quality Management 2
Scientific Inquiry 2    
  13   12