Program Outcomes

The College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, Physician Assistant (PA) Program faculty and students are aware of the responsibility to the public, and, to prospective and enrolled students. 

PA actively identifies outcomes based upon established educational goals. Based on outcome assessment and evaluation data from the past three years, the program continues to be committed to the following measurable outcomes:

  1. Attain a level of PANCE pass rates to meet the national average of 94%.
    The Howard PA Program PANCE rate is currently 90% and has continued to improve over the past five years.
  2. Provide quality services to undeserved communities.
    One- hundred percent (100%) of the PA students serve at least eight months with undeserved populations.
  3. Strive for 85% full-time employment rate for Howard University PA Program graduates within six months of graduation.
    To date, 95% of the Class of 2015 is employed as certified physician assistants.