1. Question:
    Can I apply to Howard University’s MSOT program as an undergraduate student?

    The Howard MSOT program is a graduate program. High school and undergraduate students wishing to enroll in the program must complete an undergraduate degree at an accredited university with required prerequisites. Students can pursue a BS degree in Health Sciences at Howard University and complete the prerequisites for entry to the Master of Science program. All students seeking a Masters degree (MSOT) must apply for Graduate admissions consideration to the entry-level Master of Science program.

  2. Question:
    How do I get accepted to the Master’s program?

    To become accepted to the Master of Science program in Occupational Therapy, you must apply for admission consideration. Students considered for admissions must have at least a cumulative GPA of 3.0.

  3. Question:
    Do I need to apply to the Howard MSOT program through the Centralized Application System (OTCAS) ?

    Yes. Howard OT program subscribes to the OTCAS effective August 2, 2010. Applicants for the 2011entering class need to apply online using the OTCAS application at  www.otcas.org. You will also need to complete the Howard MSOT Department Supplemental Application with OTCAS.

  4. Question:
    How long would it take me to complete the Master of Science degree program?

    The time-frame for completion of the entry-level MSOT program at Howard is 2.5 years, which includes all didactic coursework, examinations, thesis or non-thesis requirements and fieldwork experiences. Students are required to complete all didactic coursework before beginning their fieldwork experience.

  5. Question:
    Can I transfer credits to the occupational therapy program at Howard University from another university or college?

    Yes. Course credits can be transferred from an approved accredited university or college.Make sure you meet with an academic adviser in the OT department to determine what credits can be transferred. The process of transferring credits to Howard University from another University is called Advance Standing.

  6. Question:
    If I already have an undergraduate degree, do I have to take the prerequisite courses for acceptance to the Master of Science program?

    Yes. You have to complete the prerequisite courses for acceptance to the MSOT program. Check with an academic advisor at Howard to determine what courses from your undergraduate degree meet the prerequisite requirements.

  7. Question:
    If I still have prerequisite courses to complete, can I apply to the Master of Science program?

    Yes. However, you will have to complete these courses before entering into the Masters program.

  8. Question:
    Do I have to do a thesis to complete the Master of Science program?

    No. Students can elect to complete a thesis or a non-thesis scholarly project.

  9. Question:
    Can I choose where I want to complete my fieldwork experience?

    Students in the MSOT program can express their interests in specified sites, but the final decision rests with the faculty based on the determination of the best fit for the student.Students are place in settings, locally, nationally, and internationally, but are responsible for their own transportation, housing and maintenance (including meals).

  10. Question:
    Can I enroll in the entry-level Master of Science program part-time?

    No. The MSOT program is a full-time program. The final year consist of a six-month fieldwork experience.

  11. Question:
    Are there scholarships available to help fund my OT education?

    Yes. Please check the Howard OT website for more information on scholarships.