Faculty & Staff

Celia Batista Almeida, MS, PhD, LN

Assistant Professor & Interim Chair

Research Interests: 
Nutritional therapeutics for sickle cell disease and health disparities

Avis Graham, PhD, RD, LDN

Assistant Professor & Director Coordinated Program in Dietetics

Research Interests:
Childhood and adult obesity, and National School Lunch Program

Oyonumo Ntekim, MD, MHSA, PhD

Assostant Professor

Research Interests:
Molecular bases for Alzheimer’s disease dementia, and metabolic syndrome, new drug development, bioactive herbal constituents, and functional genomics

Allan Johnson, PhD, FASAHP

Professor & Graduate Program Director

Research Interests:
Risk factors for overweight/obesity and cardiovascular disease, and cardiovascular health in faith-based populations

Thomas Fungwe, PhD, CFS

Associate Professor & CNAHS Director for Research, Institutional Assessment, and Operations

Research Interests: 
Nutrigenomics: Role of diet in chronic disease prevention

Chimene Castor, EdD, MS, RD, LDN

Assistant Professor and Clinical Coordinator Dietetics program

Research Interests
Sleep disorders, global nutrition, use of technology for interventions, and health disparities

Linda Thompson, PhD, LN

Assistant Professor & Academic Coordinator

Research Interests:
Chronic disease prevention and  nutrition/health disparities