We want to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Nutritional Sciences department and the Coordinated Program (CPD) in Dietetics at Howard University.  The CPD has produced some outstanding graduates who are serving the Nation in a variety of settings such as educators, practitioners, business owners, and clinical dietitians in healthcare settings, farmers, physicians, dentists, community nutritionists and more. Many have also gone on to achieve advanced degrees.

All students in the Nutritional Sciences program take similar general education courses during their freshman and sophomore years. The CPD students complete these courses before applying for entry into the Dietetic program in the junior year. Upon graduation students receive the Bachelors of Science degree in Nutrition – dietetics emphasis, and a verification statement of supervised practice completion.  Because the CPD includes an internship, graduates are qualified to take the registration examination to become Registered Dietitians (RD) upon passing the examination.

In order to be accepted into this program students are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a ‘B’ grade in all Science and Nutrition courses. Prior to entering the Junior year applicants for the CPD are required to complete eighty (80) hours of volunteering in two types of clinical facilities- Hospital and Nursing Home. Students apply for entry into the CPD at the end of the sophomore year.

The dietetics profession is an exciting one. No two days are the same. During your training you will be exposed to workshops, seminars, conferences both locally and nationally, and you might also be asked to do presentations at conferences. Do not sell your text books. You will need all of your text books for reference as you move along in the upper division. We would like for you to be active in the Nutritional Sciences/Dietetics club. This club allows students to assume leadership roles as they plan various activities.

The Accreditation Council on Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) has established standards for Dietitian Education Programs including Core Knowledge and Competences. The CPD at Howard University has met all of these and received its most recent re-accreditation in 2014. The next accreditation will occur in 2021.