Degrees Offered and Career Paths

With increasing recognition of the association between diet and disease and the importance of diet in health promotion, nutritionists and dietitians are needed to participate in research to clarify issues of diet and disease, to educate the public on ways to promote health through diet, and to educate individuals suffering from chronic diseases on ways to incorporate dietary modifications into their lifestyles.

The field of nutritional sciences offers promising careers in which individuals can function professionally as nutritionists and dietitians. Additionally, a degree in nutrition or dietetics can be used as a foundation to prepare for graduate school as well as entry into professional schools such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, or other advanced degrees in business and education.

The Department of Nutritional Sciences offers the following options which culminate in a B.S. degree:

  1. Dietetics
  2. Community Nutrition
  3. Human Nutrition and Food (including the pre-medicine and pre-dentistry emphases)

The Department also offers the Master of Science and Doctoral Degrees in Nutritional Sciences with the following emphases:

  1. Community Nutrition
  2. Experimental Nutrition 

Information for applicants wishing to get into our graduate program is available on the Graduate school website:

For additional information, contact the Director of Graduate Studies (Dr. Allan Johnson) as follows:
Phone: (202) 806-7111