About Us

The Department of Nutritional Sciences offers the Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctoral Degrees in Nutritional Sciences. The Bachelor of Science degree is offered with emphases in Dietetics, Community Nutrition and/or Pre-medicine/Pre-dentistry. 

The Department of Nutritional Sciences is a part of the Division of Allied Health Sciences which is located in the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences. The Department provides challenging educational programs for our students.

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Practicum and Dietetics Requirement(s)

The Department also offers a three-semester verification program for individuals to complete the practicum requirement for dietetics registration. More than three semesters may be needed to complete the verification program if the student needs to take additional courses.

Career Outlook

The field of nutritional sciences offers promising careers in which individuals can function professionally as nutritionists and dietitians. Additionally, a degree in nutrition or dietetics can be used as a foundation to prepare for graduate school as well as entry into professional schools such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, or other advanced degrees in business and education.