Admissions Requirements

Applying to the Health Management Sciences Program

Health Management

Admissions to the Health Management Program in the Department of Health Sciences and Management Sciences is competitive. New applicants from accredited high schools, colleges or universities must apply and qualify for admissions to Howard University by November 15 - Early Action, or April 1 - Traditional Action for Fall Semester. Moreover, applications are due by November 1 for Spring Semester, and April 1 for Summer Sessions. Students who apply to transfer into the lower division [freshman and sophomore] must also satisfy equivalent and required criteria under Transfer Students and International Students’ requirements stated on the Howard University website ( and other published documents within Howard University Colleges and Schools.

It is recommended that nonresident international students apply for admissions to Howard University no later than November 15 for Early Action, March 1 for Traditional Action for Fall Semester, October 1 for Spring Semester, and February 1 for Summer Sessions. A minimum of three recommendations must be received together with the application for Health Management Sciences Program. Applicants are advised to check with Howard University Enrollment Management Office for any updates of policies and changes in the admissions requirements and academic schedules.

Admissions Requirements for New Applicants [See Revised Student Handbook]

Advanced Credits For Students Transferring From Accredited Colleges And Universities

Applicants who apply for transfer must present original transcript and other supporting documents that include and not limited to courses taken as prerequisite and/or required from accredited institutions acceptable by Howard University. Transfer students will be eligible to receive advanced standing for only for those courses applicable and equivalent the Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Management Major and subject to the established policies of the Division of Allied Health Sciences. Moreover, applicants will also be required to take additional courses in their major and core requirements in the Department of Allied Health Sciences in the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences and Howard University.

Minimum Graduation Requirements for the Bachelor of Sciences in Health Sciences

A candidate for a Bachelor of Science degree in health sciences with concentration in health Management Sciences Program must complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of prerequisites, elective and required courses in liberal arts, allied health sciences, business and health management sciences and must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Completed all required and elective coursework in allied health sciences, liberal arts, business and health management sciences as prescribed in the curriculum sequences of the Health Sciences Management Program.
  • Obtained a minimum of cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 on a scale of 4.0.

Prerequisite and required  courses (Mathematics, Biology,  Chemistry, Statistics, social sciences and psychology) taken more than 5 years prior to entry to the program must be updated as prescribed by the curriculum sequences of  the Health Management Sciences Program.