Our Mission

The mission of the Health Management Sciences Program is to facilitate and enable the pursuit of the highest levels of scholarship and leadership in the field of health management sciences. Towards that end, the Program offers a degree in health management sciences that provides an intellectually challenging and nurturing environment that fosters the development of excellence, leadership, service, and truth. Graduates are well prepared to help solve the many complex issues that face health services managers in the 21st century.

The program places particular emphasis on the University’s historical commitment to provide educational opportunities for African Americans and other minorities. In addition, the Program is dedicated to recruiting and retaining a diverse and highly qualified cadre of faculty and staff dedicated to teaching, research, professional practice, and service who can effectively support its educational mission.


The vision of the Department of Health Science and Management is to become a highly recognized, state of the art, self-sufficient program with a cadre of exceptional faculty, staff, and students who are recognized nationally and internationally for their leadership and excellence in health care, and alumni who reinvest in the advancement of the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences.


The values of the Health Management Sciences program are: (1) loyalty to its mission and a commitment to its work; (2) excellence and integrity in teaching, research, and service; (3) leadership in health administration; (4) exemplary education of African Americans, other minorities, and the economically disadvantaged; (5) service to local, national, and global communities; (6) the vigorous quest for knowledge through research and life-long learning; (7) a dedication to cultural diversity among faculty, staff and students; and (8) ensuring a respectful and ethical academic environment.