About Health Management

Health Management Sciences Program Description

The Health Management Program, which was established in 1996 by the Board of Trustees of Howard University, is located in the Department of Health Sciences and Management in the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences offers the Bachelor of Sciences in Health Sciences for Health Management Major. The four-year baccalaureate curriculum is designed to prepare students to perform executive management tasks with the goals of achieving lifelong career in a wide variety of organizations that deliver health care services, as well as pursue advanced degree in health and business related graduate schools nationally and internationally.

The Program's 4-year curriculum is made of 120 semester credit hours which are organized into  lower and upper divisions with concentration in health management sciences.  The Lower Division, consisting of the freshman and sophomore which covers liberal arts and sciences prerequisite and required coursework such as the general sciences, social sciences and psychology, human development,  humanities, African American history,  economics,   mathematics and others.  The Upper Division, consisting of the junior and senior years, covers multidisciplinary management concentration coursework in specialized areas such as health management systems, business administration, accounting, information systems, organization and  behavior management, human resources management,  community health, health care policies, finance and insurance, capstone seminar and management internship.

Graduates of the Program are prepared to assume management roles in such organizations as hospitals, long term care facilities, managed care organizations, health insurance agencies, and health departments. In addition, upon successful completion of the Program the graduates will be equipped to pursue graduate programs in health administration, public health, and other related graduate studies.


The Health Management Program is certified as a full member of the American University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA). The Health Management Program continued its full-membership and certification since 2003. AUPHA is a non-profit organization that accredits and certifies Health Administration Programs located in Schools and colleges located in the United States.


All students enrolled in the Bachelor of Sciences in Health Sciences in the Health Management Program in the Department of Health Sciences and Health Management must register for six (6) credit hours of classwork and internship practice during fall and spring semesters. The internship package for placement includes program orientation, job description, contract, duration and required hours for the internship, attendance sheet, preceptor evaluation, exit interview and final project report as determined by the Program’s Internship Policy Manual and student’s Guidelines effective fall 2014. The internship faculty and coordinator, supervisors and preceptors are qualified practitioners will assure required compliance with a minimum of 120 or more clock hours including additional classroom seminars for the two semesters as prescribed in the guidelines and syllabus. The coordinator and preceptors will be also be responsible for continuous monitoring and evaluation of the intern’s tasks and activities in the best- practice settings, as well as sitting for mid-term and final examination, exit interviews and delivering of summative presentation at designated work settings and classrooms.

The Health Management Sciences Program reserves the rights to change and update the syllabus, work schedules, setting minimum and maximum clock hours requirements for internship. These rights also include continuous observation of full compliance with the program’s internship criteria that promote integrative competence and evidence-based learning experience in the real world settings after graduation from the Health Management Sciences Program.

The Society of Health Management Students

The Society of Health Management Students (SHMS) is established in the Department of Health Sciences and Management in the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, Howard University in order to promote leadership experience in academic excellence including and limited to their prospective roles in professional development in the real world. Students will have the opportunity to develop effective network of interdisciplinary relationships with other university based students’ organization, as well as medical, nursing and allied health professional associations nationally and globally.

SHMS Membership is open for students enrolled in the Department of Health Sciences and Management and other departments in the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, Howard University.  There are no dues or fees for enrolled and good standing students in the Program.  Moreover, the alumni of Health Management Sciences Program are eligible for membership in the Society of Health Management Students.  SHMS members are eligible for student privileges and reduced meeting dues granted for full-certified members of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA).

All students enrolled in the Department of Health Sciences and Management are eligible for serving in SHMS governing body including and not limited to president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and at-large-members, ad-hoc and standing committees in order to oversee and participate in the leadership role and  professional growth and development in the University and real world.  Elected officers will hold their position for minimum of one year or two years academic years.  The elections will be done by secret ballot counted and verified by the designated academic advisor.  The advisor of SHMS assists the members to navigate through the University administration, schools and colleges and related student activities. Meetings of SHMS are required and regular as stated in the Society by-laws.  The SHMS adheres to all rules, policies, procedures, and regulations set forth by Howard University - Student Life & Activities - Student Activity and other rules of colleges and schools at Howard University and Professional membership of accredited programs. 

SHMS students, moreover, are eligible for student active and associate membership and reduced membership dues for the American College of Health care Executives and National Association of Health Service Executives, American Public Health Association, among other professional student chapters and regional affiliates.