Undergraduate Policies

Contained herein are the Undergraduate Admission, Retention and Graduation policies of the Division of Allied Health Sciences, as amended November 2008.

The Division of Allied Health Sciences of Howard University has six undergraduate programs: Clinical Laboratory Science, Health Management, Nutritional Sciences, Physician Assistant, Pre-Physical Therapy, and Radiation Therapy. The Division offers the following undergraduate programs:

Bachelor of Science Degree with Lower and Upper Divisions

  • Clinical Laboratory Science (BSCLS)
  • Nutritional Sciences – Emphasis in Dietetics (BSNS)
  • Physician Assistant (BSPHY)
  • Radiation Therapy (BSRT)

Bachelor of Science Degree with Straight Four-Year Programs

  • Health Management (BSHS)
  • Nutritional Sciences – Emphases in Community Nutrition, Pre-Dent., and Pre-Med. (BSNS)
  • Pre-Physical Therapy (BSHS)

The curricula in the individual departments are diverse and developed to satisfy the general requirements of Howard University, the Division of Allied Health Sciences, and the respective Accreditation Agencies.

Following are the specific requirements as they pertain to applicants and students enrolled in programs or courses in the Division of Allied Health Sciences. Specific requirements of the individual departments are stated in the document.

Download Undergraduate Policies (PDF)