About Us

The Division of Allied Health Sciences was established by the Howard University Board of Trustees on July 1, 1974. Since the inception of the College, we have graduated more than 2800 successful professionals, many of whom are leaders in local, national and international venues. Our programs are fully accredited, and most of them are filled to capacity each year through a highly competitive admissions process. Our graduates are highly sought after and more than 80% of them are employed in their discipline within three to six months after graduation.

The Division promotes a student-centered, family friendly environment and create opportunities dedicated to serving underserved populations, developing leadership skills through community based initiates and student–faculty research. Many of our graduates are excellent health care providers, highly competent practitioners, researchers, policy makers, educators, and administrators in almost all 50 states, Africa, and in many other international communities. Many of our faculty members are well recognized leaders within their professions and serve as role models and mentors for our students.

Choosing a career in Allied Health Science is an outstanding career decision. As the oldest historically Black University, we continue to be among the largest contributor of color to the health care workforce where the majority of the clients are of color and have the highest rates of health disparities. 

The market salaries for graduates of our various programs range from $53,000 to $93,000 according to U.S. News and World Reports (2014). These Allied Health Science professions are also considered recession-proof, with less than 2% unemployment nationwide.