Student Admission Classifications

The University promotes academic excellence through a highly selective admission process. Students who are admitted show strong personal motivation along with backgrounds of consistent academic growth and achievement. The University encourages the submission of applications from socially and economically disadvantaged students who show promise of gaining from a Howard University education.

To protect its character and standards of scholarship, the University reserves the right, and the applicant concedes to the University the right, to deny admission to any student at any time for any reason the University deems sufficient.

  • First Time in College (FTIC) >> A student who has never been admitted to a degree program at Howard University or any other post-secondary institution of higher education (first time in college).
  • Former Students Returning (FSR) >> A matriculating student who was pursuing a degree at Howard University; who has not been registered at the University for the previous semester, and who wishes to return to the same school/college, department, and degree program.
  • Consortia and Domestic Exchange Program >> A cooperative arrangement in post secondary education that is designed to permit the sharing of academic resources by member institutions and to offer qualified students the opportunity to enroll at other institutions for courses not available on their own campus.
  • National Achivement Scholarship >> The National Achievement Scholarship Program is an academic competition established in 1964 to provide recognition for outstanding Black American high school students.
  • Transfer Students >> A student who has attended another post-secondary institution of higher education and who may seek admission to Howard University with advanced standing.
  • Visiting Students >> A matriculating student who is currently enrolled at another institution but wishes to enroll for one academic year or less.
  • Summer School >> Extends the regular academic year program into the summer term for regular degree seeking students.

Note to Prospective Students

On September 24, 1983, the Board of Trustees of Howard University adopted the following policy statement regarding applicants for admission: "Applicants seeking admission to Howard University are required to submit accurate and complete credentials and accurate and complete information requested by the University. Applicants who fail to do so shall be denied admission. Enrolled students, who as applicants failed to submit accurate and complete credentials or accurate and complete information on their application for admission shall be subject to dismissal when the same is made known regardless of classification."