Research Core

The aims of the Research Core include a plan to implement a program of rigorous intervention research to optimize health during the critical developmental period of adolescence, which links early exposures to long-term adult and intergenerational health. This work will draw on emerging technologies in "mobile-health" (m-health), such as text messaging, to test interventions targeting highly relevant conditions/circumstances disproportionately affecting urban African American adolescents: Type 2 diabetes/obesity and Violence exposure.

Another aim is to lead a broadly based, multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, and collaborative consortium to coordinate and strengthen research and training relevant to child minority health and health disparities both in the Washington, DC-Baltimore region, and nationally.

Objectives for the Research Core include the following:

  1. Assure success of R01 research conducted through the center in implementing rigorous investigations.
  2. Successfully establish the Child Health Disparities Research Consortium
  3. Expand rigorous child health disparities research through the activities of the Child Health Disparities Research Consortium
  4. To develop behavioral and psychosocial interventions to address health disparities at the individual, family and neighborhood levels.

To pursue and compete for sponsored research funds to expand the base of support for child health disparities research in substance abuse, intentional/unintentional injury and diabetes/obesity. To share the findings of the research with the scientific and community at large.