Community Engagement/Outreach  

This core will address the one of the Center's aim which is to strengthen bi-directional community engagement directed to reducing child health disparities in the Washington, DC-Baltimore region by:

  1. providing an innovative program of dialogue based on review and evaluation of geo-located health indicators;
  2. integrating the community advisory process into research;
  3. integrating the community advisory process into training.

To accomplish these specific aims, we will build on our efforts to date to create substantive and meaningful collaboration with the underserved communities of color, community-based organizations, and local public health agencies with whom we work. We do so through the mechanism of a revitalized Community Advisory Board (CAB), providing its members with innovative resources (e. g. geo-spatial mapping technologies) for understanding and responding to local health needs and integrating them into our Center's research and training activities. This, in turn, requires that we analyze and respond to challenges in building community engagement and sharpen our focus on reducing child health disparities both generally and within research programs addressing violence exposure and obesity/type 2 diabetes specifically. Finally, it requires identifying objectives to be achieved and the metrics which be used to assess the effectiveness of our efforts.