Policy on Commercial Support of CME

The agreement to provide commercial support for Continuing Medical Education (CME) must be in writing. A copy of this agreement must be on file in the Office of Continuing Medical Education (CME) as a part of the CME credit approval application. See Letter of Agreement.

Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Standards for Commercial Support of CME and the American Medical Association (AMA) Ethical Opinion on Gifts to Physicians must be followed in all Howard University (HU) sponsored and jointly sponsored activities for the AMA PRA.

All commercial support must be in the form of an educational grant, with “no strings attached”. The selection of faculty for programming is the responsibility of the activity planning committee.

The company must not compensate the faculty in any way. Honoraria and other compensation or reimbursement should be determined and paid by the planning committee. No direct payment to speakers is allowed.

Although disclosure of relationships with non-governmental entities by participating faculty is essential for all HUCME activities, special attention must be given to any disclosure related to the commercial company providing an educational grant. Participation of such faculty will be determined by the HUCME director.

Grants from “Third Party” or “intermediary” companies, such as meeting planning companies, production companies, and advertising companies, are commercial support of CME. The original source of the funds, e.g., pharmaceutical company or medical instrument company, must be identified. Recognition of both funding sources must be made on promotional materials and on the printed program.