General Information

Financial aid packages are offered to students who demonstrate that their financial resources are insufficient to meet the cost of attendance at the College of Dentistry. The review of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (commonly referred to as FAFSA) allows the Office of Financial Aid to assess the need for financial assistance. The submission of the application does not guarantee approval for financial aid. Priority in awarding financial aid is given to eligible students on a first come-first serve basis. All awards are subject to the availability of funds and the calculated determination of need. Some scholarships, however, are awarded solely on the basis of academic excellence.

Financial aid awards are offered only to students who are officially admitted. Applications from candidates for readmission are not considered until the request for readmission has been approved. Financial aid awards may only be used to pay educational costs incurred during the academic year indicated on the financial aid award letter. Awards may not be used to satisfy a past years indebtedness to the University nor to pay enrollment fees and deposits for University housing.

Resources for financial assistance to international students who do not meet the criteria for eligible non-citizen status are extremely limited, therefore; it is imperative that each student makes clearly defined payment arrangements for the four-year period before arriving. Tuition, fees, books and supplies, room and board, travel and all other miscellaneous expenses must be included in the budget plan. This plan must be on file at the College of Dentistry.

Ultimately, financing a dental education is the responsibility of each student and their families. Applicants are encouraged to explore all outside sources for assistance in meeting their educational costs.

*Students must apply each year to be considered for financial aid