Department of Clinical Dentistry

The Department of Clinical Dentistry oversees the functioning of all pre-doctoral dental and dental hygiene clinics located within the College of Dentistry. It is responsible for writing and administering clinical policies, establishment and implementation of clinic fees, maintaining and monitoring the standard of dental care provided by the college, creation of clinical schedules for the dental students, patient advocacy and rights, management and security of patient records, clinical discipline and all matters relating to the functioning of the dental clinics.

In addition, it serves as the liaison for college involvement with Extramural programs and clinics, summer externships and the Evening Dental Clinic. External programs such as Health Fairs, Clinical Board Certification Examinations for dental and dental hygiene students are all administered through the aegis of the Department of Clinical Dentistry.

The Department is staffed by the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs along with the Director of Clinical Support Services, the Clinic Coordinator, The Patient Advocate, a cadre of Dental Assistants, Dental Laboratory Technicians and clinical staff personnel. Together they provide an array of services which allow for the functioning of the predoctoral clinics.

Department Chair 
Andrea D. Jackson DDS, MS, FACP
Professor, Associate Dean

John Bailey, DDS, MSA
Director, Clinical Support Services & Facilities Management

Ms. Yolanda Brown, BS
Clinic Coordinator

Support Staff
Ms. Neima Adere
Ms. Rita Jones
Ms. Jimiki Johnson
Mr. Henry Stewart
Ms. Gayle Vailes
Ms. Joann Wooden
Mr. Cordell Woody

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