Alumnus Dr. David Bowman to Lead Student Health Services

WASHINGTON (May 13, 2015) – David Bowman, M.D., has been named director of Student Health Services at Howard University. He is a Howard alumnus and since 2005 has served on the medical faculty of the University of Maryland.

Beginning May 26, Dr. Bowman will serve as the Student Health Director where he will oversee administration and clinical services and be responsible for developing preventative educational programs for Howard students. An Indianapolis native, Dr. Bowman received a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from Howard University, magna cum laude, in 1994, and his medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine. His special interests are adolescent and young adult medicine, HIV and global health. 

For nearly a decade, Dr. Bowman provided technical advising on HIV and trained over 500 health care providers in Nigeria and Haiti on HIV prevention and management. He provided clinical care to a cohort of youth who were perinatally-infected with HIV. His focus shifted to caring for adolescents and young adults with and without HIV in 2011 when he became medical director for the Young Adult and Adolescent Community Health Services at the University of Maryland. In addition, Dr. Bowman has served as co-director of the pediatric clerkship at the University of Maryland.

The Howard University Student Health Center, a patient treatment unit of Howard University Health Sciences, provides University students with access to quality care for primary care, acute sickness and injuries, chronic disease management, specialty referrals, health promotion and disease prevention education. The staff consists of a team of health educators, physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants and administrative support staff.

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