CARES Stories of Excellence

A Patient’s Story

…I have been coming to Howard University Hospital off and on for some time and I can truly say that I have never had a bad day after I got there.  The people are just wonderful and I always seem to meet someone that I can have a talk with, a smile, or when I go to a practice to get a service, someone is always there to help.

I have a wonderful doctor, Dr. Robert Williams. He takes the time to hear me when I don’t understand things and he is very nice.  I was recently there for a CT scan and I had an EKG and the nurse that gave me my EKG was very nice.  We had a prayer and that made me feel very good.  And the nurse that gave me the CT scan was very nice also - she handled the needles well and we shared some laughs.  I don’t think that I sat more than five minutes before I was called back for my service.  I just feel good when I come to the Hospital, like everyone there is family, and I hope it stays that way.